Terms & Conditions

Please read our T & C’s before booking

COVID19 Statement

Massage restrictions have now been lifted.  However, it is still important to continue to reduce the spread by ensuring that we implement the recommended safe distancing rules, adhere to hygiene, health, and wellbeing.  In the interests of health and safety for clients and myself, I will adhere to sanitisation and additional cleaning, as required, provide the space and time between appointments for clients to enter and exit safely.  I also request if you have any cold or flu symptoms, or just feeling unwell... please stay at home.

Leah Palmer-O'Malley

Arriving On Time

Bellies & Bubs Etiquette

At an initial appointment you will be required to complete a health and information form, please arrive 5 – 10 minutes earlier to allow time for parking and completing paperwork. Please be aware that running late, may mean your treatment time will be reduced, to ensure other clients are not inconvenienced. The full fee may still be charged.

Claiming our Services

Health Fund Rebates


Please be aware that Bellies & Bubs does not have HICAPS, however, it does have provider recognition with all Health Funds, other than Defence Health. Full payment is required at the time of appointment and a health fund receipt issued for you to claim with your Fund. We have an EFTPOS machine and accept all major credit cards.

When Massage is not recommended

Contraindications of Massage

0 – 12 Weeks Pregnant

Massage is not recommended in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, to allow the body to settle into the pregnancy, whilst the placenta begins to take over the functionality of the pregnancy. We recommend waiting until after your Nuchal Translucency Scan.



If pregnant with Vasa Previa, elevated blood pressure, associated with headaches and spotty or blurred vision, as well as oedema and protein on urinalysis (this can be an indication of pre-eclampsia); cholestasis (a liver imbalance), PUPP (pregnancy rash).

Please wait at least 1 week after an Iron Infusion, particularly during pregnancy, before having a massage, so as not to overload the Liver and Gall Bladder, as toxins may be released from stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems


2 Weeks Postpartum (after birth)

Massage is not recommended in the first two (2) weeks after a normal physiological birth



Massage is not recommended in the first six (6) weeks post-surgery. This includes a c-section, manual removal of placenta and PPH requiring transfusion.



Any history of DVT


Blood work/Vaccinations/Iron Infusions

Please allow at least 24-48 hours after having any blood tests, particularly GTT/Full Blood Count/Antibody Screen; Flu vaccination and 72 hours after Whooping Cough Vaccination or Anti-D injection and at least a week after an Iron Infusion.

This will allow the lymphatics, liver, and iron stores to rest, without additional load and excretion via Liver/Gall.

Modifying or cancelling an appointment

Cancellation Policy

We understand circumstances sometimes arise and appointments need to be altered, we do ask that you provide as much notice as you can, where possible and we will take special circumstances into consideration. However, please be aware of our cancellation/rescheduling procedure below:

Modifying/ Cancelling Appointments

If you need to modify (reschedule) or cancel an appointment, please locate the confirmation email (sent immediately after you book an appointment) or reminder email (sent 24hrs prior to your appointment) or SMS. Simply click on the login link at the bottom of the email or SMS and you will be directed to your account dashboard.

Alternatively, go directly to www.bookitlive.net and login using the email and password you created when you booked the original appointment.

Minimum Cancellation Time

The full fee (100%) is payable if canceled within 12hrs of appointment unless a medical certificate can be provided.

Any cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a fee of 50% of the treatment price.

If you have any further Questions please check out our  FAQ’s

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